70: The Path Back from Suicide with Simon Jay

Simon Jay is the Commercial Director for the Thrive App, but when he was younger he attempted to take his life long before he knew what depression was. This is a real story filled with practical steps for moving past the brink of despair.

Isolation and despair filled Simon’s brain as he took out a piece of paper and wrote a pro’s and con’s list with reasons to end his life or stay alive. He convinced himself that everyone else would be better off if he wasn’t here and attempted to take his life. Feeling like a failure even at suicide, Simon went through early adulthood putting so much pressure on himself to achieve or become something that he forgot how to live and just enjoy the journey of discovery.

He talks us through his thought process, male pride connected to being a provider, guilt, trying to keep everyone happy and what he’s learned about depression and how to cope. His top tips include staying connected to people, how to be more selfish and learning to take the pressure off (all this with a young baby and a relentless schedule).

Listen to this one if you’ve ever felt so low that you thought you had no one to turn to. There’s always hope.

Find Simon Jay at https://thrive.uk.com and https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonjaythrive/