17: How Courage Is Built through one small Action a Day

'I learned early on that if I didn't push hard in any direction then I would never be disappointed...so I floated through life and just fell into things' 

Join me for my conversation with Chris Day as we explore the down side to staying safe. As soon as he attached importance to a task or career, he developed crippling anxiety and describes falling into jobs and relationships as a way of avoiding making any conscious decisions about the direction in his life, after all, if you weren't attached you couldn't be disappointed if you failed.  The fear of doing it wrong led to hyper-vigilance and intense physical psychosomatic symptoms which allowed him a 'logical' reason to not take risks. 

Classically he self-medicated by using weed and partying through university as a way of numbing any thoughts that he should try anything differently.

Join us for lessons in building resilience: how we can learn to embrace failure and normalise it as a process of development. How sometimes we doubt our dreams just because we've had to persevere for awhile, we tell ourselves it is no longer the dream, when really we're just tired of pursuing it.  Our mind is a funny thing and while it can trick us to stay stuck we can trick our own minds into moving forward anyway! 

Find Chris Day at @shraap and https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-day-6a75b936/