67: #SeenNotScreen with Scott Newby

Scott Newby is on a mission to normalise mental health at work and his campaign #SeenNotScreen is about reminding ourselves to connect with the person away from screens.

Scott only told his mental health story last October which liberated him to leave his job at Lloyd Banking Group and follow his purpose of starting his own business focussing on wellbeing at work. He talks us through hearing his mother’s cancer had come back when he was at Uni, losing her in 2001, a series of depressive episodes which meant he sometimes couldn’t get out of bed, understanding the difference between grief and depression and finally going to therapy and asking for help.

Scott is down to earth and filled with practical tips for looking after your mental health from a preventative perspective, how to create mentally healthy workplaces and how following your purpose is good for your mental health. We’re excited to support his #SeenNotScreen campaign encouraging people to put their phones down and have a cup of tea with a friend and be fully present with them.

Find out more here: www.newbycore.co.uk/seennotscreen

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