65: Show No Weakness with Jon Landau

Investment Director for New Model Venture Capital, Jon looks after a portfolio of early stage businesses and talks about success amidst a backdrop of an MS diagnosis in his 20’s and a Cancer diagnosis at the height of his tech startup career.

Supportive early years, Jon describes himself as a ‘decent enough, entitled kid’ who hadn’t had to deal with much adversity. Moving into the family business at a young age, things started spinning out of control when his legs ‘turned to led’ at a conference and symptoms built up leading to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. While the business struggled through a financial crisis, new investors were called in to save it and Jon experienced work discrimination, being told no ‘adjustments could be made and he was either working or could piss off’.

Jon then moved to an exciting tech startup Huddle where he worked hard and tried to ignore his diagnosis through drinking heavily and keeping up with everyone. He then found a lump and was quickly diagnosed with testicular cancer having an operation the very next day. He returned to work as soon as possible not wanting to miss out:

‘I didn’t want to be benched. I didn’t want to be the guy who gave up. I didn’t want to be the guy who said I’m not strong enough to get through this.’

Listen to the full interview for Jon’s realisations that everyone has a story, challenging his assumptions that everyone else’s life is perfect and only he was struggling and how practicing authenticity has changed the way he leads, mentors and makes decisions around flexibility, success, vulnerability and spending time with his wife and two children.

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