64: Dream Big in 2019 with Smaranda Boros

Join me and Professor Psychologist Smaranda Boros as we take a stroll in south east London and muse on the New Year, all the cliche’s around resolutions and debate our opinions on how to get what we want in the new year. This includes:

  • Are New Years resolutions healthy or unhealthy psychologically

  • How most people create goals based on other people’s opinions of what success looks like not truly basing them on what they want

  • Flow Vs Work Ethic

  • Dreams Vs Goals

  • How to ask yourself the right questions and make language personal to you. If the language around New Years resolutions, authenticity or challenges f**ks with your head then create a narrative that serves you

  • Should you share your dreams or keep them to yourself

And finally….

  • The liberation that comes with not giving a f**k about what anyone else thinks!

This is a fun debate filled with tips you can try on for size. Off the back of this one my resolution is to do more walking-in-park interviews with dynamic and interesting and opinionated people!

Check out Smaranda’s work here https://www.linkedin.com/in/smarandaboros/