62: The Day that Changed Everything with Suzy Bastone

On the perfect path to actress success, a horrific motorbike accident changed everything and forced Suzy Bastone to reevaluate everything.

Raised in a perfect country-living life, attending one of the best musical theatre schools and getting her first job that had the potential to fully catapult her to success, life was exciting and perfect for the beautiful actress. Begging her boyfriend to allow her on the back of his motorbike for the short ten minute drive to work, a truck pulled out and formed the moment that which change her life for good. Flipping from the back of the motorbike and hitting her head on the truck, Suzy’s life hang in the balance as she recovered in hospital.

Eager to get back to work as soon as possible, her focus was to get back on the stage as quickly as possible and after just one show she realised her pace of life would have to change far longer than anticipated. Spiralling into shame, isolation, anxiety and depression, her psychological journey to recovery would take much longer than it took for her physical woulds to heal. ‘It’s like you have a brand new personality, one you don’t want to get to know…but you’re forced to’ Suzy explains. A rock bottom moment includes coming home one day after having her happy-mask on for everyone to see, closing the door in the dark and slumping down in tears not being able to move, not knowing how much time had passed…

Suzy talks perspective gained from being near death and her tips for building a life through adversity and allowing it to propel you to your true purpose.

‘When you’re that close to death, eventually you realise what’s important, what you want instead, you get over the bullshit and learn to be yourself’

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