60: How to Survive Cheating with Olga Geidane

If you’ve ever been cheated on, had to find a way to survive heartbreak and financially struggled to survive than this episode is for you.

Olga Geidane’s early conditioning was all about working 9-5, saving for a mortgage, getting married and retiring with no conversation about entrepreneurship, building the life you want or doing things seen as impossible by the culture she was raised in. She describes an innate desire for more, supported by watching the greats like Tony Robbins. Moving to the UK as a single mom with £100 in her pocket, she thought her life was building momentum when she’d found a job and had a boyfriend living with her.

She remembers being pregnant and working on her laptop as her boyfriend of 4 years slept, only to find pictures of him kissing another woman at the seaside and feeling the gut-wrenching-punch of shock. She woke him up and told him to leave, not knowing how she was going to survive financially and emotionally.

We discuss practical tips for getting over cheating and the financial distress a breakup can provoke. Including:

  • Decide to trust, just because you’ve been hurt doesn’t mean all people are evil.

  • Ask yourself for the lesson so that it doesn’t keep repeating

  • Working hard and listening to positive information can help move you through the shame hole of embarrassment

 We then get into  how our belief systems around money impact our ability to be successful in business and how communicating with boundaries makes all the difference to confidence and the possibility to achieve.

This is the episode for you if you’ve ever experienced heartbreak, parenting, built a business or generally decided to go against your family conditioning and create a life that you want. Find Olga at www.newlifekickstart.com