59: Get Rid of the Toxic Voice with Kathlene Monet

Health coach, abuse survivor, mother, Kathlene Monet has plenty of real advice on how to get through a rock bottom and thrive.

In an intensely emotionally-abusive relationship, unhealthy, unhappy and a new parent, Kathlene remembers calling crisis helplines, posting cries-for-help on social media and gaining 30 pounds eating to escape the way she was feeling. Slowly she grew just enough self-belief to make a plan and leave the father of her child while he slept.

This is where the Hollywood movie would end with the victory of leaving the relationship, however Kathlene discovered his belittling and critical voice in her own head long after the relationship ended. Realising that she could live with his voice in her head controlling how she felt forever if she didn’t do something about it, she began to read self-help books, learn about nutrition and experiment with all that she learned on herself.

She has slowly built a life of health and consciousness that practices self love through a mind-body connection: including prioritising self-care, nourishment through food, meditation and exercise that have helped her whole outlook on life and allowed her to begin sharing this message with other people who feel stuck and like their thoughts rule their feelings.

I enjoyed getting reminded again of how food impacts my brain and what I need to do to successfully balance entrepreneur life with sustainable health and happiness.

Find Kathlene at www.getvibrantlyhealthy.com