58: Unconscious Bias with Daniel Holley

So excited to have Daniel Holley on again (remember his ADHD and belonging story in Episode 7?) discussing a topic dear to his heart: Unconscious Bias specifically in the coaching industry. If you’re a coach, client or simply a person interested in discussing the tough stuff, then listen in to learn how to check your conditioning and become more inclusive.

While coaches are meant to be self-aware, Daniel highlights how it’s a predominantly white male profession where we need to train ourselves to have the difficult conversations in order to create change. We talk the excuse of ‘good intention’ and how it’s the impact of our behaviour that we should be discussing. I think about my white privilege within a blended family and how the coaching community needs to enhance it’s ability to get real about our own bias so that we can be the best support to our clients.

Find Dan at @theonlyotherdan on Instagram and ask yourself the question: What Shapes the Way You View the World?