56: Run for Your Life with William Pullen

Author, TedX Speaker, Psychotherapist, William Pullen talks building up your empathy and intimacy skill and how active listening solves a host of problems.

We talk nature vs nurture, what drives therapists to become therapists and the break up that nearly destroyed him. Dating someone from a different culture, age, religion eventually led to a painful break up which made William want to hide away and isolate into his depression. We discuss how the shame of intense feelings can make us hide away as we try to nurture ourselves but can equally make us stuck in a habit of depressed feelings. William explains how running with a friend helped him emerge into the sunlight both physically and metaphorically and eventually this mindful practice of running led him to write a book titled ‘Run for your life’ https://bit.ly/2DgVhpB

Discipline is a fantastic practice for building resilience, there’s not a lot of resilience building opportunity staying at home watching Netflix. Go and live your life!

Website: https://dynamicrunningtherapy.co.uk

TedX talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq6393AreD4