54: Say No to Anxiety with Ann Marie Smith

Ann Marie Smith is a Life Strategist who specialises in working through anxiety and panic attacks. She loves seeing people take control of their lives and knows that the best coaches are just in your life briefly before setting you free to practice what you’ve learned.

Ann Marie lived a breezy life up until the age of 18 when her brother was killed suddenly in a car accident. This led her down a spiral of drink, drugs and generally feeling overwhelmed and lost. After a relationship breakdown she descended into depression and anxiety for years, culminating in dropping out of her Masters course and regular panic attacks. Her crash point came when once again, she was unable to breathe at the fear of loss and realised she simply couldn’t keep living this way. She experienced a defining moment where she realised she had a choice: to simply take authority over her anxiety and determine that it wouldn’t lead her life anymore.

Through grief and the slow process of recovery, she built up a life of confidence and purpose that she now shares with others. She’s offering a free anxiety consultation giveaway to all podcast listeners to discuss what you’re going through. Contact her through her website:


Insta: alightersidetolife