55: Bullying and Delayed Burnout with Leyla Okhai

Founder and Director of Diverse Minds and former Head of Diversity at Imperial College, Leyla Okhai talks us through workplace bullying and how our worst experiences can make us!

Leyla was intensely bullied and excluded as a child and just as she thought she was free from these challenges, she started a job where a new form of bullying and manipulation continued. With family struggles going alongside, Leyla remained strong for herself and others for years before the build up of these experiences affected her own mental health and brought her to burnout.

She talks us through practical tips for recognising workplace bullying and what you can do about it, including how to make tough decisions, who to ask for help and how to look after your mental health.

For more tips and advice from Leyla Okhai see: https://diverseminds.co.uk