53: What's the Gift? with Trevor Crane

Trevor Crane is an international best selling author, publisher, Greatness Quest podcast host and co-founder of superkidsbooks.com! But it wasn’t always this way…

Having gone through a $2.2 million bankruptcy where he lost his daughter and his daughter’s mother moved to another state, he’s learned the hard way that success is facing up to countless challenges and realising that as long as you don’t quit you don’t lose - you may fail, but you don’t lose!

About 20 minutes in Trevor hits on an emotional nerve with me as he talks through his formula for asking himself ‘What’s the gift, what’s the gift, what’s the gift…’ a hundred times a day in order to make sense of the tragedies that strike our lives. I get real in wondering how we find the gift in the things that hurt us the most and we go through actions for utilising our stories to create impactful messages for others.

He’s got some free books and gift in the links below! Amazing content that allows us to push our lives forward in a big way!


How To Write The Right Book Free Download: https://bit.ly/2rsdKHs

Big Money Book Free Download: http://bit.ly/2Ca8qk3

To find out everything else about Trevor go here: https://www.trevorcrane.com