51: Every Single Day with Nate Bailey

Nate Bailey is a lead coach, trainer, author and speaker who helps people create the life they truly desire! A few years back Nate’s life was mediocre and his healthy, work and relationships were suffering. He realised he had to change things and has spent the last few years significantly turning his life around.

He’s lost weight, built a business, become an author and a better husband and father. He says ‘The purpose of life is to grow and expand every day’ so he makes sure he does hard stuff every day to build momentum. We break down how to change habits including getting clear on what you want and asking yourself if you’re committed!

His daily habits are focussed in these three points:

  1. Sweat

  2. Meditate

  3. Create

Find Nate Bailey, his book and services at: http://www.natebaileyspeaks.com