49: Chin Up! This is Adulting! With Ngozi & Obehi

It’s 2 for one this week with TWO amazing stories of adversity turning into a passion business creating wellbeing for busy people! Ngozi Weller spent a decade climbing the corporate ladder, feeling it was just part of ‘normal adulting’ to occasionally want to throw yourself off a bridge or run away from everything! She helped other people with wellbeing strategies but never thought for a second she might be depressed. Her work related stress and anxiety spilled into everything and it took a breakdown on a business trip to force her to turn her life around!

Obehi Alofoje has a background in psychology and working in addiction services; from a traditional Nigerian family, everything was fine until she was 19 and a family car journey ended in her mother being fatally injured! The family coped by acting as if it was business as usual and Obehi travelled to the UK to study and work. Two further bereavements would occur when both her brother and father passed away and Obehi was left with the impact on all aspects of her mental health.

They began building a business that would represent their values and passions, which culminated in Aurora Wellness : Mental Wellbeing Services for Busy Lives