47: How to Survive Trauma with Matt Pappas

Matt Pappas experienced horrific physical and sexual abuse between the ages of 5 and 10 from teenage boy who threatened to kill the family dog if he ever told.  Matt found ways to suppress this trauma until his 2nd divorce at the age of 40 prompted him to get therapy. It was during this process that he realised the long term impact of trauma showed up in crippling anxiety, the inability to form deep connections,  self-esteem issues and using alcohol to escape feeling the pain.

He began his journey of recovery through therapy, virtual support groups, researching the impact of trauma on neuro-plasticity and now gives a message of hope to other trauma sufferers through his work coaching, providing telephone support groups and running his podcast beyondyourpast.com  

He is a an anxiety and survivor coach, NLP practitioner and trauma specialist. His tips are practical and include learning to talk about the trauma, overcoming the shame, connecting with people who enhance your life. Through this challenging work, we can find deep connection, happiness and fulfilment that we never thought possible.