46: Food Addiction, Bulimia and Entrepeneurship with Simone Vincenzi

Simone Vincenzi turns is the co-founder of g-tex, a TedX speaker, a contributor to Huff post and Forbes, his passion is turning experts into authorities within their industries and tops this off with being a basketball player and musician. 

At 14 he realised his father was an alcoholic, his father left to rehab and life at home drastically changed.  The conflict of being a child and needing to step up and be a man led to working in 200 restaurants by the time he was 19, becoming the youngest Michelin star restaurant manager in Europe and eventually driving to build his own successful business.  The flip side of this driven young man was someone struggling with food addiction so severe that it led to bulimia and a rock bottom that made him desperate to find help. He spent time in overeaters anonymous, had a coach who supported change and led him onto a path of personal development. 

We discuss switching addictions and how the joy of being addicted to work can be lack of a social life or looking after our physical health. Simone is vulnerable, authentic and wise in this exciting conversation about what creates change from the worst circumstances. Find Simone at gtex.org.uk and listen to his podcast titled Explode Your Expert Biz