44: Choose Life with Wendy Sage

 Wendy Sage is a resilience coach and facilitator on the topics of leadership, positive psychology and mindfulness. She's an epic example of turning life's adversity into purpose as she didn't always work to support people. Starting out as an interior decorator, her second child died in her arms after being delivered by emergency c-section after becoming distressed and being hooked up to a ventilator. 

Wendy's talks through the pain of not being able to protect her child and how bereavement counselling helped her learn to be present while being connected to loss. She describes this experience as the first spark that she wanted to help people.  After divorcing her first husband, she married her second and after just 8 years together he began an 18 month battle with cancer which would claim his life.  She still cries at the thought of this loss but describes our resilience like elastic: 'stretched deeper in sadness, you have the capability of stretching in the opposite direction and feeling true joy'

Find Wendy at https://www.thesageplan.com