40: Show No Weakness with Beverley Jones

Beverly Jones is an author, speaker, business mentor and mental health coach who's experienced burnout, mental health issues and is using her experience to challenge stigma and create healthier workplaces. 

An idyllic childhood besides experiencing school bullying, Beverley moved into a corporate career, working all hours for years until she experienced burnout which triggered her unprocessed bullying past. Unable to talk about what was going on, she left her job to recover her physical and mental health, was given antidepressants by her doctor and after self-harming and contemplating suicide she slowly utilised her experience as a catalyst for changing everything. 

We discuss how our inner critic can be worse than any stigma as she told herself that none of her previous achievements mattered, she devised the 7 signs you're not coping including persistent sadness, physical health problems, paranoia, anger, tearfulness and how communication is the best medication.  Find Beverley at www.awakencoaching.co.uk where you can find her amazing book Made it Thru the Rain