39: The Cycle of Abuse with Richard Reid

Richard is a personal trainer,  coach and is passionate about family and paddle boarding, but it wasn't always this way. Growing up without a father and intensely bullied at school, he learned early on to be resourceful and use his anger to protect himself from injustice. Experiencing several relationships that culminated in emotional abuse towards him, Richard is brave and authentic in stating that the cycle of abuse carried on to his becoming the abuser within a relationship himself. 

His rock bottom led to a 6 month sabbatical in Asia where he determined to re-write the rule book on his life. There's so much wisdom in this one including: the difference between loneliness and nurturing yourself by being alone, how training and being outside act as a healthy distraction from old patterns of behaviour, how helping others can be an unhelpful formula if not tempered with boundaries and how connecting with nature allows him to be the best father and husband he can be.   An amazing privilege to have had him as my PT when working through an injury and a divorce, Richard's strength and calm allowed me to regain my fitness and confidence during a challenging time.  Find Richard at Upcurve Personal Training