38: 6 Months to Live with Abby Bushell

Abby Bushell knows adversity. 1 of 7 kids, she learned early on that the way to have a voice was through looking after everyone else. A string of domestic abuse relationships led to what Abby describes as becoming a functioning depressive, someone who held down a job and parented her daughter, but gained no joy or fulfilment in life. Being unable to ask for help she ended up in temporary accommodation for homeless people and had moments where she wanted to end her life. 

Thinking she had appendicitis, she was taken to hospital to discover she had a tumour attacking her gall bladder, appendix and bowel and was given 6 months to live. Going into survival mode and eventually making a miraculous recovery, her real trauma hit her a year later when her mind caught up to how much she'd been through and she decided to live the life she wanted. Quitting her corporate job and retraining as a trauma specialist using EMDR therapy, hypnotherapy and coaching, she set up her own business www.hypnocoach4change.com where her aim is to empower people through change by guiding them to achieve their intended outcomes. 

An incredible story of resilience through the adversity where she truly exemplifies the idea that you can turn your worst pain into your biggest advantage.