37: Name That Shame with Cahit Ali

If you want to learn how to turn the most challenging childhood into an opportunity for growth and happiness then this interview if for you! Cahit Ali, growing up with a paranoid schizophrenic alcoholic father, internalised intense shame, guilt and fear, which stayed with him throughout his adult life. When his first boyfriend died suddenly in a car incident, he spiralled into intense physical symptoms of grief and shock that he was unable to do things for himself for months. 

We go deep in discussing how we can nurture growth in our pain, how to build resilience to the stuff that limits you and how physically being outside supports growing a new perspective of possibility.  Rather than avoid the darkness and the shame, Cahit explains how we must face up to it and look it square in the face in order to generate any kind of advantage from it.  Get your Monday rocking with the 37th episode of Adversity to Advantage. Find Cahit at http://www.cahitali.com and @cahitali on insta and twitter.