35: Addicted to Pain - Jen Loong's Entrepreneurial Journey

Diagnosed with borderline personality disorder right before starting wandersnap.co , Jen knows first hand how important it is to look after yourself while creating dynamic change in the world.  Authentic and direct about utilising DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) to give her the tools for handling stress and self-doubt in the roller coaster entrepreneurial journey. At 28, Jen leads by example in how millennial can make a difference in communities around the world.  

Jen Loong 龙晓灵is the snap-happy founder for a new type of travel tech startup that marries photography with social impact. Jen’s vision is to start an empathy movement, where vanity can create social good with real income opportunities in developing communities is.

Living truly as a global citizen tracing her upbringing in HK, Vancouver and Shanghai, Jen has since travelled to 42+ countries photographing underprivileged communities, and speaking five languages in total. Her stories from the road can be seen in the Huffington Post, VICE, Globe and Mail, just to name a few. You can view more of her experiences in running the inaugural North Korea Pyongyang Marathon, farming in a Nepali women’s co-op, and dancing in the matriarchal Mosuo tribe in Yunnan, all on http://www.jenloong.com, or on Instagram @loongstoryshort. To marry her passions for deeper social impact and story-telling, Jen is launching her own venture www.wandersnap.co – a travel photographer for-hire platform as a means to offer job opportunities around developing worlds. Creativity should not be a first-world privilege. Jen’s venture has been accepted as one of 24 from around the world as part of UPenn Wharton’s Global Social Impact House cohort for 2016, through which the venture will come into full fruition.