36: Shame Vs Connection with Ann Betz

Ann Betz is an expert on the neuroscience of human consciousness and coaching and we go deep into topics such as resilience, attachment, amygdala hijacks and how to communicate what we need. Growing up in an alternative household with her parents in an open marriage, her rock bottom came at 17 when she lost all her hair to alopecia and had to reframe her identity as an adolescent and young actress. 

We talk about the impact of free love environments on children and how this plays out in adult relationships and our need to belong. We define both parenting and intimate relationships as the hot-bed for anything triggering and how we can learn to understand how to manage our brains primal responses and break the patterns of our past.  An exciting conversation that is both practical and academic and taught me more about myself, my parenting style and what identity and belonging mean to me. Find Ann at beaboveleadership.com