34: Peak Performance and a fresh Perspective on Addiction with Nick Elvery

Every once in awhile I get really excited about an interview and this is one of them! Nick's had loads of rock-bottom moments, including doing crystal meth in Cambodia and descending into the dark, lonely place of drug and alcohol addiction. His father suffered from MS for years before passing away right when Nick decided he had to try something to save his own life.  While the first 3 steps of recovery helped him kickstart his journey, he gives insight into alternative ways to get what you need when changing your whole outlook on life which is refreshing and current.  Not attending recovery groups anymore myself, it seemed this route was sacrilegious to those who swear by recovery rooms being the only way. What seems true for both of our stories is that community and accountability are key in changing any habit and Nick has created an entrepreneurs' community to do just that, enhance productivity by biohacking our bodies and our brains in order to live at our truest potential.  

We get into sugar addiction, self-worth, meditation, nutrition and forming new habits and how no adversity needs to stand in the way of teaching ourselves a new way to be! Nick Elvery is a performance coach, runs a podcast and entrepreneur community so get involved today!