32: The Daring Way with Jacqui Scjenitzer

Jacqui is a facilitator for Brene Brown's The Daring Way workshops and knows all about developing self compassion in order to be brave.  I enjoyed this conversation so much as Jacqui models vulnerability and encourages me to do the same. We discuss what we're not taught growing up such as understanding emotion, dealing with fear, that its sometimes ok to be angry and how to create useful boundaries.  A perfectionist by nature, Jacqui's rock bottom came when she realised she would never be a mother after 15 years of IVF, miscarriages and fertility appointments. She talks us through the journey of resenting pregnant mothers, feeling triggered and finally learning that resisting our own story is pointless. Being a reluctant parent myself we discuss how we never fully understand the journey someone else is on but if we can be brave and share we can create deep and lasting connections. 

Connect with Jacqui Scjenitzer at braveologist.co.uk