30: Recovering Perfectionist with Valerie Teller

Valerie Teller is all about intuition. Listening to her body for the signs it gives her on which way to move her life forward. It's something I forget time and time again and this conversation reminds me of the information our gut instinct has for us, not only to keep us safe but to set us on the path for fulfilment. 

'We're told that we should want certain things...' Valerie says, of her endless studying to be an international lawyer and barrister. Really, she just wanted to be an actress but was taught early on to suppress such silly ideas. She bravely talks about a childhood trauma that can still impact her today and how she now embraces vulnerability in order to connect and look after her wellbeing. 

If you've ever felt you were not allowed to fail and if you did became deeply depressed and self-critical then this podcast is for you. Learn the art of self-compassion and how the things that could destroy us can actually propel us to grow into our true power! Find Valerie Teller at http://switchedoncoaching.com