31:When ok is not enough! withTomas Svitorka

Join me for a counter argument on why you don't need to hit rock bottom in order to make choices that improve your life! While Tomas Svitorka definitely experienced some adversity, he chooses to view this simply as life, without the possibility of holding him back. In fact, he wants life to be hard because he knows if he overcomes those challenges he'll make a bigger impact in the world through his work. 

One day, while working a mediocre job, Tomas realised that he could live his life being ok and not questioning anything or he could realise that 'ok is not enough' and picture a different life, one that he built himself! We ask questions like 'when are we enough after we ingrain the habit of achievement' , 'how do we choose to look at our adversity' and 'how learning to enjoy the journey' impacts our happiness.

For those in my audience who were raised in a sect of some kind, be sure to listen 45 minutes into the conversation.  Tomas gives great practical tips on the impact on our lives and how authenticity and truth take away the mountain of shame that holds us back. 

Find Tomas at tomassvitorka.com