26: Bipolar Psychologist Prof. Jamie Hacker Hughes on being your True Self

SO excited about this interview!  Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes talks bipolar disorder, suicidal ideation, 9 months in plaster after a bone operation at 2 years old, a career in the army, clinical psychology and as European minister for the 3rd order of Franciscans.  He talks working in sales with every material possession and being deeply miserable, taking a 90% pay cut to find his path and the usefulness of being open about his mental health within the professional work he does. 

An inspiration in all aspects of his life, this interview is filled with practical tips for looking after yourself and following the path that is your truth. He has 4 main priorities: Family, Psychology, Religious Order and Academic Professorship. His life is full, filled with giving and living his purpose but guarded with strict boundaries that allow him to sustain his level of success.  I learned so much from this one! You will too!