19: How to be the Role Model you never had with Nelson Rodrigues

What a privilege to interview the passionate Nelson Rodrigues, the founder of Father's Nation,  who was determined to break the cycle of uninvolved fathers and teach other men to be the role model they never had growing up. 

Nelson believes that masculinity needs to adapt to suit new times and men who don't evolve can end up suicidal if they don't let their voice be heard and learn a new way of being. Growing up in a traditional household with lots of siblings and a father away working, he moved to the UK at 16, leaving both is twin sister and his mother at home. Nelson himself was suicidal in his early 20s as he struggled to find his way and the only thing that helped was talking to one of his sisters one drunk night and realising that was the first step to moving his life forward.  His message is for men to reach out and ask for help. 

As an entrepreneur, his passions are change, innovation and growth. He is involved with two fantastic projects that centre around family and ensuring families stay together and maintain healthy relationships in a society where people are growing further and further apart.

Nelson is the founder of Fathers’ Nation, which is a project designed to help men reconnect with themselves and find their lost identities following a constant cycle of fatherlessness or absent fathers. He supports men with mental health conditions or just those who have lost their way and need help to be the best fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, co-workers or role models they can be. With 2.7 million men in England currently suffering with mental illness and many more struggling with conditions without ever seeing a professional it is vital that there is a support network in place to tackle this crisis.I was excited to discuss how men can understand their girlfriend/wife's relationship with her father in order to understand her better.

As a psychotherapist and mentor, he is confident in his ability to help people overcome their issues and barriers. As well as offering one to one sessions, the project supports workshops, seminars and meetups. Connect with Nelson Rodriguez here: Fathers Nation , Fathers Nation Project,  and Men Let's Not Hide in the Pub