18: Turn your Fear into Fierce with Brita Fernandez Schmidt

I first heard Brita speak a few years ago and was blown away by her passion and courage in speaking her truth.  She was the quintessential example of fully being yourself on the frontline of humanity captured fully in her TEDx talk

I had the great privilege of being in the same room as Brita as we talked through the story that got her where she is today as Director of  Women for Women International an amazing organisation that supports women in countries affected by conflict, make meaningful change in their own lives, their children's and communities.  Brita is down to earth and practical and sparks off my own story and a discussion about how to fit in habits and routines that allow us to live successful, purposeful lives as working mothers. 

Us women play small all the time, we don't want to be seen as hysterical, angry, ugly or over the top, so we hide our true ambitions and our fiery truth for the sake of peace and being a 'good person' but this isn't sustainable because our truth goes somewhere and comes out anyway, in displacement, regret, depression, explosive rage, you know how it goes.  How much better to fully stand out in the full glory of our purpose and create real impact in the world! 

I'm so excited to put this conversation out into the world!  Connect with Brita at @BritaFS and if you're looking for a great cause check out Women for Women International.