14: Purpose, Codependency and what it means to be a Man

'Who am I without the stories from my mum and dad, the stories I tell myself about who I am' Phil Askew muses. Phil learned early on to take on the role of peacemaker in his house which carried on into his adult life as a rescuer in relationship with no space for any other emotions. 

His advice is, do the work to become your own parent so that when you're in relationship you can be side by side taking on the world as a team rather than playing a codependent rescuer and victim. 

An inspirational message that (of course!) takes me where I need to go, noticing which emotions are ok (together, confident, cool) and which emotions are not (tears, anger, overwhelm). What if that's just the story we're conditioned to believe and really we can teach ourselves to play out our full range of emotions, the whole spectrum of what it means to be alive! 

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