13: Your Moments of Fear Define You with Alex Rudnicka

'If you have a dream it is your responsibility to protect your dream and fight for it no matter what anyone else says'
Have you ever thought of leaving that job, starting that business, investing in yourself but thought your circumstances made it impossible? 
If so, this is the podcast to get you started for 2018!

You will be defined in your moments of fear. Your journey may not be confident strides into success, it may be the decisions you make while weeping alone on your bathroom floor. That's where dreams are made. 

Alex started her journey in Poland with an unambitious family and a Tony Robbins book in her bedroom. She bought a one-way ticket to London with £70 in her pocket and barely any English because she wanted a different future. When you feel like there is no way you can better your circumstances, there is always a way that you can. 


I love a New Year, I love the re-set button, I love looking back at what I've achieved and creating a map of the New Year. It's not cheesy if you actually make it happen! 

Happy New Year!