12: How to Be a Man with Simon Seligman

'It was a profound mistake to send me away to boarding school. I was 8 years old and I was homesick continuously until I was 15'

Simon Seligman is a life coach with 25 years experience in the Arts & Communication industry.  While this story couldn't be farther away from my own, the skills for getting through life's difficulties resonate with me profoundly! I don't know how it is that each interview seems to give me exactly what I need to get me through to the next level! 

Simon has attended mens groups and therapy to support his emotional growth and learning which he says was stunted at age 8 when he was sent away.  His triggers play out in relationship and parenting and it is only through self awareness that we can challenge our primal reactions to keep us safe and pursue a healthier way to be. This isn't about a journey of perfection. Your darkness is welcome here too! Just what I needed to hear! This isn't about perfection its about connection.  Join us for a profound lesson in life! 

Find Simon at http://www.seligmancoaching.co.uk