100. Commitment Phobias & Learning through Relationships

It’s EPISODE 100!! And I’m so excited to get real about dating and what we learn through relationships & getting out of our comfort zone!

I cover:

  • Letting go to create space for new beginnings

  • How everything is a learning opportunity

  • Some ‘out there’ Shamanism & the energy rituals that can free us of past baggage

  • The terror of dating after 13 years

  • How dating is simply a skill that we can develop

  • How to listen to your body

  • Why we can be resistant to the ‘good stuff’ we’ve been wishing for

  • Does setting intentions really work?

  • Different Actions = Different results

  • The pitfalls of modern dating

  • Sitting with yourself and taking responsibility for the type of relationship you want

I hope you enjoy the topics & learn some skills for approaching dating, self awareness and relationships differently! Come find me on Instagram & me know what you think: @PetraVelzeboer