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If you’re anything like me, parenting wiped away half my dreams and threw me into a reactive state that was seldom enjoyable. I thought it was going to be different, I thought I would instinctively know what I was doing.  I didn’t.

I've spent the last 15 years reading, studying and practicing everything I can to make life happy, resilient, accomplished and fun for both me and my kids. While doing this I've learned that it takes hard work to keep my dreams afloat, but that the effort pays off.  I am now able to explore the world with my children and ensure all of our dreams are realized. 

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"Petra has been extraordinary. She's gone above and beyond and has helped my family more than words can express." - Female, 45



Youth coaching

If your child is 8 to 25 and you're concerned that they need someone to help them through anxiety, friendships/relationships, bullying, finding focus, happiness or purpose, then enquire today about how Youth Coaching can help. 

Youth Coaching is a confidential space for the young person with communication to parents depending on age and agreement. 

Parent coaching

I will often start work with the child and will soon realise that if Parents adjusted how they react even slightly then impact will be made for the child in an even greater way than only working with the child.

 The Youth assessment allows me to focus my attention where it will have the greatest impact on the whole family's experience. 

bespoke combination

Now this is where the magic happens!  We may begin with one category but I will often support work being done with both the child and he parent. 

Let's imagine the family you both want, where communication is clear and everyone is free to live their own life while sharing memories and supporting each other!  That's the world I help you achieve!  

Our 9-year old boy started coaching sessions with Petra in October 2015. He had been feeling increasingly anxious about falling asleep on his own which had started to impact on his well-being. He didn't want to have sleepovers at friends' houses anymore or go to the school trip with his class planned for April 2016.

Petra was fantastic, not only with our boy, but also with the two sets of parents (mother/stepdad and father/step mum). She very quickly established high levels of trust with our boy and started working with him to navigate through his anxiety. Petra also did some work with us, the parents, to help us understand how we contributed to our boy's anxiety and what we could change in our own interactions with him.

Our boy really valued his sessions with Petra, as he felt it was helpful to be able to talk with someone who was not part of the families about things that worried him. Whilst their sessions were confidential, Petra and our boy shared elements which they had agreed would be useful for us to know.

Despite the complexity of the set up with two sets of parents, the whole process worked very smoothly and effectively. Petra was deeply engaged and resourceful throughout the whole process, ensuring she involved all parents at the right times. She also sent everyone updates where relevant. Our boy trusted Petra and was able to say when he thought he needed to continue seeing her and when he felt he had worked thought what he needed to work through.

With Petra's help and guidance, our son overcame his anxiety at night. He has been to two sleepovers at friends' places since he started seeing Petra and, most importantly, was able to go onto his school trip in April and really enjoy it! I felt immensely happy when I saw him come back with a big grin on his face saying: "I did it!"

I am deeply grateful to Petra for helping my child develop strategies for coping with his anxiety and for helping me to understand what I needed to do differently in order to help him. Her friendly, open and confident style worked extremely well with everyone and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking to help their child or develop their parenting further.

- Mother (South West London)