My Story


"What's the best time to plant a tree? The best time is 12 years ago. What's the 2nd best time? Right now!"

A bit about me, the stuff that qualifications won't tell you:

I grew up all over the globe and identify as a TCK* (Third Culture Kid). I was raised in communes and didn't have any formal education as a child. This has connected me to many different cultures and given me a unique way of looking outside of the box and viewing problems from many different perspectives. When I was 18 I worked in Russia with street children and continued working with adolescents in France, Italy, Holland, Kenya and across the UK. As a child I had an alternative education and not much future. At 23 I became a parent and had 'ultimate housewife' as my only option. My dream was to help teenagers reach their potential. What the hell did I have to say?

I began drinking heavily, yelled at my boyfriend often, put on weight, developed depression and cried myself to sleep most nights.

I had a moment one day when I thought I might as well end my life and I realised I had a choice: I could die, I could live unhappily, or I could look inside myself for the power to change things one step at a time.

I began volunteering in a inner city youth club, I studied part time to be a counsellor, I quit drinking completely & began looking after my health and fitness. I realised that if you change the rudder of your life now your whole life trajectory can change in the future. Someone once said "What's the best time to plant a tree? The best time is 12 years ago. What's the 2nd best time? Right now!"

I planted my tree and have since worked with young offenders, teenagers in inner city schools, helped young people campaign for better mental health services, and run a thriving counselling and coaching practice with so many different types of people that my life is always interesting and dynamically moving forward. 

When I found coaching, I finally had that 'Aha!' moment of finding the place I could truly be myself whilst living my purpose to help others.

My son was recently offered 5 scholarship places to prestigious independent secondary schools. My son! The one whose mother had to do all her education as an adult while raising him!  My boyfriend and I got married in April 2015 after 12 years together. I have recently started writing a book and will be running the London Marathon for London Youth in April 2016. I'm travelling again, I'm travelling to places that fill me with inspiration and fire. I'm taking time for me. 

My training as a Co-Active Coach came from a place of wanting to live my true passion: To help other people find their passion, excitement and joy in life; to allow you to see the possibilities that are usually shut down by all the voices in your head that SHOUT out reasons why it can't be done.

Now is the time to plant your tree.  Let's Design Your Story.