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All of our facilitators have personal stories connected to mental health. This energy is inspirational, dynamic and authentic and infuses workshops and training days with our values of Empathy, Vulnerability and Connection.



Emma Saccomani

Mental Health First Aid instructor, Mental wellbeing Speaker and Facilitator

Supporting a family member with mental health issues and with a corporate background in a broad range of settings (station, call centre, depot, head office), Emma is on a mission to help equip employees and managers to grow and thrive, not ‘in spite of’, but due to our challenges. Work can so often be part of the problem, but it can also become part of the solution.


Lubna Gem Arielle

Facilitator, Executive Coach and Speaker

Lubna's personal experience of being mentally unwell, losing close friends to suicide and being connected to the legal profession with one of the highest rates of depression and increasing suicide, led her to wanting to steer through the stigma, to share wellbeing strategies for self-care and supporting others and ultimately create kinder spaces where everyone feels safe to be seen and heard.


Colin Smith

Executive coach and confidante, event and workshop facilitator, and speaker.

Colin, aka ‘The Listener’, has a passion for transforming the way the world listens. The results are increased levels of trust, connection and influence, and improvements in the quality and depth of business and personal relationships.


Ron de brito

Compassion Coach, Embodied Facilitator, International Speaker, Trainer in Compassionate Communication

Ron’s story is one of long-term focused and determined courage to heal her learnt familial patterns and create a life of authentic and compassionate presence and care. She is committed to sharing empathic connection with embodied awareness, to support growth and learning towards mentally healthy individuals and teams in the workplace. She believes in the value of each person, that contributes to their own and others’ well-being and purposeful productivity.


Amanda devine

Self-Love Leadership & Resilience coach, Retreat Facilitator and Spiritual Alchemist.

From grief, burnout, and cancer to breakthrough, Amanda's story is one of resilience and spiritual awakening. She believes that the time has come to put self-love leadership back on the boardroom agenda for the sustainability of our planet and our wellness.


Caroline Pakel

Social psychologist, Dialogue facilitator, Communication trainer and Personal Coach

Caroline personally knows and has lived with the sources of darkness throughout her life. This has led her to care for, support and guide many on the rocky road of a life well lived. She describes the essence of what she does as generating openness and connection for authentic and meaningful sharing which she sees as the base for individual and collective wellbeing.


Carole Adams

Former CEO, Individual and Team Coach & Facilitator.

Carole is experienced in several different coaching models including Systemic Coaching, Solution Focussed and Gestalt.

Carole believes that normalising conversations around mental health helps us recognise our shared humanity, leading to a greater sense of connection with those around us.


Alejandra Arteta

Coach and mental health Facilitator

Extensive experience working with a wide range of people; from working within the justice system supporting young people in their transition from being in custody and in prison back into the community, supporting women in the corporate world to have a more balanced life, and empowering leaders and entrepreneurs to transform their ideas and passions into exceptional projects.


Kay (Hewitt) Choudry

Senior Accredited Integrative Psychotherapist and Trauma Specialist

Among her vast counselling and supervision qualifications, Kay holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Trauma and PTSD and nearly 20 years’ experience helping people of all ages through cognitive and solution focussed approaches including EMDR, IRRT, PE and PICT. She runs our trauma course and offers advice and guidance to businesses who’s employees deal with trauma and need specialist knowledge and skills.