Imagine a world where everything is different. Where excitement and adventure is the norm, connection is deep, relationships enlightening and work is fulfilling. This is the life we want to help you create! 

One step a day is 365 steps in a year toward your goal. Get the BIG PICTURE sorted of how you want your life to look  and the smaller steps become the fun journey to getting you there!

Change doesn't happen overnight but each step takes you to a wildly different future.



Are you...

  • Surrounded by YES people? 
  • Need a place to vent how you truly feel? 
  • Looking for a place to figure out big decisions?
  • Looking to improve your mindset so you can continue at your optimum performance? 

Petra's coaching is direct, practical and effective.  A place to explore your authentic self, live to your full potential and learn empathic leadership skills.


    people managers

    You are the people who hold onto everyone's pain and are supposed to know everything about what to do with it! 

    Coaching / Mental Health Mentoring is for you if...

    • You value time with a Clinical specialist to discuss what you're dealing with confidentially
    • You'd like advice on rolling out mental health strategy at work 
    • You want to invest in yourself so you can be the best support to others
    • You want to avoid burnout
    • You want to enhance your skills as far as employee wellbeing


    As a therapist and a coach, my aim is to help you understand the patterns of your past but unlike some therapies, we won't stay stuck in the problem! We'll use practical tools for shifting your thought process and give you space to find your own clarity so you can set achievable goals that will shift the trajectory of your life! 

    1-2-1 Coaching is for you if: 

    • You know there's more to life but you just don't know how to get there
    • You have an idea of your path but are too scared to take action
    • You want accountability
    • You want to move forward while strengthening your mental health
    • You want change. 


    “I started coaching with Petra when I was in the depths of anxiety and depression. I felt on the margins of life and struggled with motivation and hope.
    Petra helped me shake off that hopelessness using a wide range of approaches...she helped me refine my goals, ignite my enthusiasm and helped me rekindle my success, strengths and drive.
    She was masterful at asking questions which helped me see the up-side, the empowering aspect of issues which were troubling me. She guided me into seeing, feeling and believing in a future full of potential and opportunities.
    6 sessions and 8 months later I have conducted over 15 webinars, concluded a number of training projects, have 5 new executive coaching clients and feel confident and excited about 2017.
    I am deeply grateful to Petra and highly recommend her as a powerful coach who will help you see light and opportunities even in the darkest tunnels.”
    — MARIA KASSOVA, founder of MK
    “Petra has an incredible ability to unlock parts of my mind that no one else can. The smart bit however is that she doesn’t do it, she gets ME to do it, which is all the more rewarding, fulfilling and ultimately life-improving”
    — Sam Pickworth
    “Petra is an excellent therapist. I’ve had therapists before where it feels like you are talking to a wall, because they are so intent on not showing emotion - she is honest, genuine and expressive, which makes for a productive client-therapist relationship.”

    "Petra gave me the permission I needed to start LIVING my dreams NOW."  - CJ

    “I have been working with Petra for almost a year, and I have to say without any doubt that my work with her has been a direct catalyst for all the positive changes that have happened for me in that time. When we met I felt entirely lost, in my personal life, and also in my business.

    Personally I was in a grey area of uncertainty which Petra helped me to navigate with more ease. Petra patiently encouraged me to stretch myself out of my comfort zone in order to attain true fulfilment and connection. Since we met I have learnt important lessons about asking for what I need, using stress as a positive tool, communicating with more strength, and developing really powerful connections with exactly the right people.

    Professionally my business has experienced its biggest changes in the last year. I have gone from floating along in a business that wasn’t exciting me, or fulfilling me, to challenging myself, facing my fears and achieving momentum and the organic growth I was craving. I have battled with visibility in a big way; I’ve had such fear about being seen…but working with Petra has helped me to work alongside my fears and keep going regardless. Since I started working with Petra, I have built a website from scratch, I am sending out regular newsletters to my new mailing list, I have relaunched my Facebook page, set up a Facebook group, organised and ran my first ever event which I had been procrastinating over for 2 years, I have started writing the book that had been half written in my head, I’m planning my second event, and I have posted videos of myself - something I thought I would never be able to do comfortably!

    I cannot thank Petra enough for her skill, her guidance, and her cheerleading. I will continue to work with Petra, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
    — REBECCA TOMLINSON - Women's Empowerment Coach