Will 2016 truly be happy?

So we say Happy New Year without even thinking. We wish people the best, we wish ourselves better. When I was younger, living in communes, we spent many New-years doing great, long resolution rituals. There were 80 to 100 people each taking turns to light a candle and to read out their pre-prepared reflections and thoughts for the new year. As a teenager I hated it because it took forever and I just wanted to dance!

Dark years followed. There were years when I saw no good in anything I had accomplished and I wanted the New Year drama to be over and even my world to end. 

I feel grounded now. At 35 I am accomplished and feel like I have real goals. Not ones that society tells me I should have but ideas for the future that are aligned with what I need and what I want. It helps that what I want includes giving to others and is aligned with the 5 ways to well-being: Give, Be Active, Keep Learning, Connect and Take Notice.

In February, I will be going to Calais to help the refugee crisis in a small way.

I am running the London Marathon in April for a fantastic charity called London Youth

Every day is about learning for me. I learn from my clients, from new experiences and from facing my fears.

2016 is a year of connecting with old friends. I have spent a decade focusing on my education, career and raising children. I have friends that span every continent of the world that need nurturing to grow. Investing in my friends is my goal.

Finally, mindfulness, being true to myself and kind when I mess everything up is the over-arching goal that will span all others.

So this New-years I urge you to be kind to yourself. See if your goals can be broadly aligned with the 5 ways to well-being and not only will you be achieving the success you want, but you’ll be balanced and nurtured along the way.  Happy Adventures!