Marathon 2016 - It's getting real!

I’ve been getting pretty good at my 3 mile runs. I’m slow but I’m trying to not let other people’s opinions make me stop trying altogether. I will go at my pace and I will get to where I need to go if I’m consistent.

I’ve been reading a book called The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer which suggests that a first time marathoner should have the aim of finishing with no injury rather than doing a best time. This book I can live with!

Amidst getting back to work and New Year’s resolutions, 16 weeks of training officially starts and I have to say, I’m scared, I don’t know how I’m going to do this and whenever people ask me I say I’m not sure what I was thinking.  The book has a weekly build up plan of 4 runs each week, 3 are short and there’s always 1 long run which builds up over the weeks.  It doesn’t just talk about the practical elements of running, the right kit and not getting injured but it talks about mindset. It talks about learning to embrace the challenge, the hills, the weather, the community, the pace.  I know more than anyone that mindset is 60% of the issue the other 40% is just action.  Books can help, people can help but really you’ve got to believe you can and then you’ve just go to leave the house, you’ve got to put one foot in front of the other, you’ve got to DO.

A particular quote that’s getting me through my rainy evening runs:

So, when the fatigue comes, you will use your visualization and your positive self-talk and your concentration. And you will go on. And if you need to walk, you will walk with your head up and a steady, proud look in your eyes because you will know that you are doing what you set out to do, and that is complete this marathon. And you will not feel defeated. You will feel triumphant and you will go all the way to the finish line and you will cross it with joy and ecstasy and a feeling of achievement like you’ve never felt before. And that’s the way it’s going to be, because you have already decided that is how it’s going to be and you make your own reality.*

I am making my own reality. I’m re-discovering music! Work colleagues asked me what music I listen to last week and I went blank. I said, I don’t really, I listen to audio-books. Always trying to learn and think rather than just experience and BE.

I put a new playlist together and shuffled 500 songs so that I would be surprised while running. I mixed current music to the songs I used to listen to when I was 16, 17, moving and changing in the world.  I shamelessly re-discovered making drum-beats in the air, laughing and yes, even crying as I heard Creed’s ‘6 feet from the edge’ and ‘with arms wide open’ re-connected me to the hopeful, dramatic energy of my youth.

2016 for me is about connecting to my whole authentic self, flaws and all. I will be living my life on my terms, no matter what people say. That’s just me. What’s 2016 going to be for you?

*The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer (1998) Whitsett, D.A.