What does peace mean to you and what will you do to get it?

A first time meeting with a potential client led to this image which he said represented my brand and what he wanted more of.  Unfuckwithable. At first glance I gathered that he'd seen my strength of character and resolve to live authentically, my kick-ass attitude, my armour.  When reading the definition I melted because I realised that the softer side of what I really want to communicate was also present: 

'Unfuckwithable: When you're truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone does or says bothers you and no negativity or drama can touch you.' 

So what does peace mean to you?  To me it's a continuum that moves up and down depending on circumstance but ultimately peace is a core knowledge that I am living my truth. It means that when I'm in my truth I can take risks, I can mess up along the way and I can be curious and compassionate and move forward no matter what. 

Negativity. What negativity impacts you the most? What are the trigger points; is it the voice in your own head or what other people say that makes you topple and doubt your truth and robs you of your inner peace?  Negativity seems to be on every corner if we let it be. Our inner critic seems to amplify any negativity we absorb and make it true and definite and certain.  You should feel guilty, you should be something else, you should, you should, you should...

I'm done with shoulds

I want things instead and I deserve them. I want inner peace, I want self-compassion, I want freedom, I want choice and I want to be a person who is strong and vulnerable, open and free.  This means making some hard decisions and losing some friends along the way. What do you have to give up to get what you want? 

What will you gain?