Anything really is possible...who knew?

So today I realized that anything really is possible. Now I realize I say this to people all of the time. I say live your dreams, I say visualize the future, I say believe in yourself, I say let's make this happen. I sat with my coach today and we did a Blue Skies thinking exercise: ‘What would your life look like if it was lived 100%?’ he asked me.

I said well, that’s easy, I would do what I’m doing but I’d travel more, I’d have more adventure. He took out a flip chart and handed me a pen and said, put it all down, every detail of your best possible life.

So I began: travel, connection, people, leadership, teenagers, parents, hospitality, writing, excitement and I paused and added more.

I wrote things in areas of what I thought was possible. Travel would be holidays a few times a year, teenagers would be mentoring on the side, connection would be through work, I’d get creative and start writing again and then he just said ‘what if you could take teenagers on adventure trips that you could write about. I breathed a sigh and said...Well that’s what I’d REALLY want to do! His eyes widened and he said, so what’s really possible here...and off I went for 15 minutes telling him what was really possible, what was the dream beneath the dream. It included activism, retreats with parents, opening teenagers eyes to the possibilities in life while they’re still young enough to adjust the rudder of their ship to include them; it included showing my own children the world that’s not in a tourist book, it included making money from what I really believe in rather than what I ‘should’ be making money doing. I am now filled with the possibility of the dream beneath the dream, the one I parked because I got too old, too stable, too normal, too nine-to-five, too realistic.

What’s your dream beneath the dream? Not the one you tell people when they say ‘what goals do you have’ but the one that makes you excited, the one that if anything were possible you’d talk about it for hours because your fingers tingled and your brain buzzed and it didn’t matter what anyone thought cause you knew you could make it happen in the world.

Here’s your pen and paper. What’s your dream beneath the dream?

Now let’s see what’s possible…